Rental, sales, and repairs of load carriers and much more

We are a professional pallet trading company and serve our customers throughout Germany. Our specialist company sells all types of pallets like euro pallets and other load carriers.
Furthermore, we purchase pallets that you wish to sell and are in well-kept and functional condition.
We are also there for our customers when it comes to repairs. We help you to service your pallets and quickly restore them to a functional condition. You can also benefit from our pallet exchange which we offer nationally. Old pallets can be exchanged for new ones and load carriers can be exchanged at different locations.
Our team also handles the cleaning of pallets and other load carriers that must be hygienically clean. We also have an extensive inventory of repair materials that you can source through us.
An additional focus of our company is the sale and rental of pallet furniture. We design tables, sofas, and beds that use euro pallets as a base. We thus create modern upcycling furniture that have character and are good for the environment.
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