Purchase and sales of pallets

Do you want to buy euro pallets and add to your inventory? Or are you planning to open a new logistics company? Paletten-Möbel-Lüneburg is happy to support you in both instances in word and deed ... and pallets.

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  • Palettenmöbel Lüneburg euro pallet sales
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Have a look at our product range: apart from pallets of different formats, you will also find mesh boxes, one-way pallets and other articles here. You can purchase euro pallets from us in Deutsch Evern under the best service and price terms, because we accept orders of all sizes and are willing to deliver to you at short notice. So order in line with your personal needs – the Paletten-Möbel-Lüneburg team shall handle the rest and will provide you with:

  • Euro pallets (EPAL, EUR)
  • Düsseldorf pallets (EPAL, EUR 6)
  • One-way pallets
  • Euro hygiene pallets (EPAL, EUR H1)
  • Euro mesh box pallets
  • Plastic pallets
  • Pallet stacking frames
  • Plastic boxes

You can sell us your euro pallets in Deutsch Evern at competitive prices

Or do you want to sell euro pallets and want to locate a supplier in Deutsch Evern who is interested in your stocks? For instance, this step may be considered when scaling down your warehouse or relocating inventory. Contact us and we will make you a purchase offer that is

geared towards objective categories like the number and condition of the pallets. If you agree, we will pick up the sold items immediately and you can enjoy more free space in your warehouse.