Paletten-Möbel-Lüneburg - Who we are

Your competent wholesale company for pallets and pallet furniture in Deutsch Evern.

Our company, Paletten-Möbel-Lüneburg, owned by K. Schildt, is a famous wholesale company for pallets and pallet furniture based in Lüneburg and Deutsch Evern. We are experts in pallet trading, pallet services, and manufacturing our own pallet furniture. Our company is a family business that offers dependably high quality and transparency. We attach immense importance to satisfying our customers in every respect. Look in on us sometime - we will gladly give you in-depth advice on our products and services. You will definitely find something that suits you in our product range.

You benefit from all-round pallet service with us

Our wholesale trade focuses on the field of Düsseldorf pallets that are used especially in the foodstuffs and luxury foods segment. We also offer euro pallets and other load carriers. In addition, we undertake professional cleaning and repair of euro pallets, for which we have an EPAL licence (D-387). Our own collection of creative furniture are constructed with pallets as the base and are perfect for furnishing living and work spaces. In the pallet trading segment we purchase your boxes and pallets at fair conditions. Exchanging load carriers is also a component of our wholesale business’ pallet service. Euro pallets can be changed pretty easily, because they are available in the Europe pool in large quantities. You can also exchange defective euro pallets for brand new ones. Our pallet services also comprise disinfecting hygiene pallets and professional ultrasound and spray cleaning.